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The Doctoral School and the University of Bordeaux offer doctoral students the training useful to their research and professional project as well as the training necessary to acquire a broad scientific culture.

Yves Deris (Bordeaux Neurocampus) © Maître et élève (1040x740) Yves Deris (Bordeaux Neurocampus) © Maître et élève (1040x740)

Doctoral students enrolled in the first year of their thesis from 2016-2017 are invited to define with their thesis supervisor a project of additional training of 100 compulsory hours based on two types of modules:

  • on the one hand, a "disciplinary" section which corresponds to the training courses offered by the Doctoral School;
  • on the other hand, a "transverse" component, training on general themes proposed by the Graduate Research School to all doctoral students of the eight doctoral schools, whatever their speciality.

The 100 hours of training must include a minimum of 25 hours of transversal training and a minimum of 25 hours of disciplinary training.

Doctoral students are strongly advised to follow this training during the first 2 years, the last year being generally devoted to writing the dissertation.

The creation of a "portfolio" is mentioned in the new decree of 25 May 2016 establishing the national training framework and the procedures leading to the awarding of the doctorate diploma:

"Art. 15 - During their studies, doctoral students follow training programs defined in 2° of article 3 of this decree. Training in pedagogy is provided when it contributes to the doctoral student's professional activity or project.
A doctoral student portfolio comprising an individualized list of all the activities of the doctoral student during his training, including teaching, dissemination of scientific culture or technology transfer, and highlighting the skills he developed during the preparation of the doctorate, shall be produced. It shall be updated regularly by the doctoral student".

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