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Association 2D2B

The Association of doctoral Students and Doctors in Biology of Bordeaux (2D2B) was created in 1994.
Our main objective is not only to promote communication between students of the Doctoral School in Life Sciences and Health of Bordeaux, but also with the heads of the Doctoral School, the teachers, the researchers, as well as the business world.
We also want to inform students about doctoral training and prepare for the time after thesis defense.
We actively participate in the life of the Doctoral School including organizing the Scientific Doctoral School Day (JED) which usually takes place in mid-April. This day aims to allow doctoral students from all disciplines to meet in an informal setting to present and discuss their scientific work. The multidisciplinary setting of this day offers a comprehensive overview of the various research topics that are elaborated in Bordeaux by doctoral students.
In order to help us improve the services provided by the association, please do not hesitate to ask us the information you need and tell us about your project ideas.

Bureau 2020/2021 :

  • Président : Simon BONABAL
  • Vice-Président : Sandra MAJO
  • Trésorière : Mathilde HUART
  • Vice-Trésorier : Théo DESIGAUX
  • Secrétaire : Chloé MOREL
  • Vice-Secrétaire : Camille RONGIER
  • Communication : Sergio DE HITA et Nicolas TOUYA
  • Organisation : Adrien JOLY et Miharisoa Rijatiana RAMANANSTALAMA
  • Conseil d’administration : Zoë JAMET, Jérémy LESAS, Victoria LUBLIN, Landry PEYRAN et Gaël GALLI

email : assos2d2b@gmail.com

Site internet : 2d2b.fr
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/association-2d2b-83b412aa
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/assos2d2b
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Association2D2B

Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association

The NBA (Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association) was created in 2012 by and for students in Neuroscience of Bordeaux.
The association is composed of full members and associate members coming from France and from all over the world. All members are currently students or old students of Neuroscience Master or Doctorate of Bordeaux.
Among its objectives, NBA wishes to:

  • Facilitate welcoming and support for new students in Neuroscience in Bordeaux ;
  • Set up an intergenerational network favoring exchanges and cohesion between Master students and doctoral students in Neuroscience in Bordeaux. Each member will be able to share its experiences with others ;
  • Become a privileged interlocutor between students, the educational committee of the Master’s degree and the Science Life and Health Doctoral School of Bordeaux ;
  • Contribute to disseminate scientific knowledge in Neuroscience to the general public through the organization and/or the participation in meetings (e.g. Neurodon, Semaine du Cerveau, Pint of Science).

email : asso.nba@gmail.com
Facebook : Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association
Twitter : @Asso_NBA

Association Aquidoc

The Aquidoc Association is a multidisciplinary Association whose aim is to promote the career progression of young researchers (doctoral students and doctors) in the non-academic sector. To this end, it provides information and advice to all young researchers in Aquitaine. In addition, the Aquidoc Association organizes workshops that shall prepare students for their professional recruitment, the most important of which is the annual  “Aquidoc Forum”.

Updated on 21/03/2023


Virgnie DAUDÉ & Nathalie VIGNAIS

146, rue Léo Saignat - UFR Pharma - Hall D - Case 7
Tram A - Stop Pellegrin
33076 Bordeaux CEDEX

+33 (0)5 57 57 45 45 or +33 (0)5 57 57 12 42
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