Follow-up supervision of a thesis

The SVS Doctoral School has set up a procedure allowing a personalized follow-up supervision for each doctoral student.

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Doctoral students in 1st year

In accordance with the statutes of the Doctoral School and the thesis charter adopted by our University, each doctoral student must be accompanied during his studies by a tutor: one of the important tasks of the tutor is to ensure that that the student and his / her thesis supervisor respect their commitments made in the charter of the theses, in particular to ensure that the thesis can be defended, in accordance with the regulations, in three years, with any exemption from this rule being by definition exceptional.

The tutor represents a confidential contact person for the student and he is independent of the student’s research laboratory and thesis director. The tutor is expected have an interview with the student at the beginning of each school year. The first year’s meeting serves for making contact and get acquainted with the topic of the thesis, the professional project and complementary training foreseen by the student. The second and third years’ meetings are intended to keep track with the progress made by the student both scientifically and on his / her professional project. During the second year, the tutor also participates in the mid-term supervisory committee during which the doctoral student is auditioned by a scientific committee.

Doctoral students in 2nd year

In order to keep track with the progress of his / her thesis work and to help the doctoral student to finalize his thesis and construct a professional project, a mid-term supervisory committee was instituted for the second year thesis students during which the doctoral student is auditioned by a scientific committee.

The committee is composed of at least four people: the thesis supervisor, the tutor and two researchers or research professors (at least one of whom holds an HDR [the certification required for supervising a thesis]), chosen from outside the laboratory, or even outside the university.
The tutor writes the report of the mid-term supervisory committee and sends it to the members of the committee as well as to the Doctoral School.


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