The authorization to enrol in the HDR is granted by the Academic Council (CAC) of the University of Bordeaux on the advice of the Council of the Doctoral School, according to a calendar established at the beginning of the academic year.
This authorization gives the right to supervise a doctoral student and allows the candidate a period of 2 years to support his/her HDR.

Requirements application

Have an effective attachment to a labelled laboratory in which the research project presented is part of.
Be the author of publications of international level on post-doctoral work.
Fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • Have held a doctorate degree for at least three years
  • be doctors, pharmacists or odontologists and hold a thesis and a Master 2 degree for more than 2 years
  • provide evidence of a diploma, work or experience of a level equivalent to a doctorate

Have a status that allows you to commit for the duration of a thesis.

How to apply

The candidate will present a file which will be evaluated and discussed in council with the Doctoral School which will give an opinion for the Academic Council.

This file includes, in this order :

  • a detailed C.V. showing civil status, the course of study (including date, place of graduation and title of the thesis), the research topic(s)
  • a brief report of scientific activities (it will show a central research theme to which the candidate has made a significant contribution, this being attested by the subject and quality of the publications, the possible obtaining of research contracts, the effective supervision of Master's and doctoral students and the research project carried out by the candidate)
  • a list of publications
  • copies of diplomas
  • a letter of motivation (recalling, if necessary, the subject of the proposed thesis and justifying competences in the field)
  • a single-page summary sheet presenting the titles, curriculum and the six main publications

An email must be sent to the Doctoral School to contact them and obtain a summary form to fill in.
The complete file must be sent to the Doctoral School in electronic form: all the documents must be assembled in a single file in pdf format.

Evaluation criteria

The opinion of the doctoral school concerning the authorization to defend an HDR is based on the evaluation of the "seniority" of a researcher through a set of elements considered globally (there is no "absolute" criterion). Not only the quality of the summary of the scientific activity and the research project presented will be taken into account, but also :

  • the quality and regularity of the scientific production (publications in the good journals of the specialty as first and/or last author)
  • the ability to steer/manage a research project (visible through publications as the last author and/or correspondent)
  • supervisory experience at Master and Doctorate level (visible through co-publications)
  • obtaining funding and official steering of research projects

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