Temporary Supervision Authorization  (ADT)

The ADT is an internal procedure at the University of Bordeaux to recognize a thesis supervision. It can be issued only once to someone who does not have the Accreditation to Direct Research (HDR) in order to allow these persons to supervise one single thesis and to prepare them to subsequently request an HDR.

Authorization to Supervise Research (HDR)

The HDR is a national diploma by the issuance of which the university recognizes that the candidate has a high scientific level, an autonomous strategy of scientific research and the capacity to supervise young researchers.

The HDR is in particular a prerequisite for applying for a university professor or research director position in certain research organizations.

Mandatory supervision of doctoral students training for candidates at the HDR or at the ADT

Mandatory training for candidates willing to obtain an HDR (habilitation to direct research) or an ADT (authorization to direct a thesis), which are required to supervise a thesis of a doctoral student.

For accompanying the teacher-researchers (professors and maître de conférence (associate professor)) and researchers, who aim to be future thesis supervisors, the Graduate Research School organize a treaching module for candidates for HDR or ADT.

Candidates must register for the training session that precedes the schedule for submitting their application to their doctoral school. Three sessions are commonplace.

For any further information please contact Mrs Blanche MASCLEF - formationdoctorat@u-bordeaux.fr

Updated on 03/10/2022


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